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Case Study: Wilmar Sugar

Wilmar Sugar were looking to implement a virtualisation solution to slash power and cooling costs, reduce the need for a pricey data centre migration, increase operational efficiency and capitalise on higher availability and flexibility that comes with running virtual workloads.

Announcement: Putting the Spotlight on Customer Experience

Recently we reached out to you, our customers, asking for your honest feedback on what we do well, but more importantly where you thought we could improve. So what are we going to do with all this information?

Case Study: Saint Ignatius College, Riverview

“We needed capacity. The new storage had to have a minimum of 70 terabytes of space. On top of that, it had to be easily expandable. One of the issues with our then storage provider was the fact it wasn’t cost effective to expand the system. So this time we wanted a storage system that could continue to grow with the school.”

vForum 2016: 'Enabling the Workspace of Tomorrow'

At this year's vForum, Blue Central was fortunate enough to be part of Rhipe's Cloud Zone, speaking with attendees on what they thought the 'Workspace of Tomorrow' would look like and what their upcoming IT priorities are in getting their current environment ready for 'tomorrow.'

Event: Q&A Session with Nimble Storage & Veeam

Attendees had the opportunity to have an up close and personal discussion with PKF, ISS World and an environmental solutions organisation on why they deployed Nimble Storage and Veeam and the benefits their organisations have experienced since then.

Blog: Scale-to-fit storage plus VDI

As data continues to grow with the importance of and new applications being delivered to support the business’ needs, matching storage requirements to application requirements has become a challenge.

Case Study: JayThom

Blue Central’s dynamic, scalable platform allows JayThom to increase and manage processing, storage and memory when their business needs it.

Blog: The power of GPU

Employees are now connected 24/7 and also require that they be able to perform their role from anywhere, anytime and from any device.

Blog: The future of desktop virtualisation

With the rapid rise of BYOD and the consumerisation of IT, the relationship between the user and IT has changed dramatically.

Blog: Choosing your cloud

Finding the right cloud model and service provider to go with it involves assessing what and who will bring you the most business benefits.

Case Study: Tigerair Australia

Blue Central has provided a robust hosting solution that will continue to perform and grow with the airline and our digital space.

Event: GPU luncheon

Held at Sydney's The Rockpool, leading AEC organisations gathered to hear the latest on virtualisation from NVIDIA's Michael Lang, with a demonstration by Blue Central's Jean-Paul Caboche.

Press Release: Blue Central appoints new MD

Blue Central, an IPMG company has today announced the appointment of Peter Ikladios as its new Managing Director.

Blog: Disaster avoidance power trio

Backup, DRaaS and colocation, plus the importance in implementing the 3-2-1 rule to backup and replication.

Blog: Benefits of hybrid cloud & colocation

With the influx of data, companies require the essentials of secure space, power and cooling - some of which cannot be provided by in-house data centres.

Blog: End user computing - What is it?

Traditional computing and technology lock-ins can limit the technology, innovation and flexibility needed to enhance user experience.

Blog: Handy advise on tailoring your backup solution

Backup to different people means different things, which is why there is no single backup solution in market that meets everybody's needs.

Blog: The 3 tactics used to innovate and really stand out

As competition heats up, organisations need to find new ways to innovate while retaining savings in the long run.

Blog: Creating competitive advantage

The world is going through a period of digital transformation. And it's time Australian businesses felt a sense of urgency when it comes to transforming in this area.


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