Case Study: Blue Central helps Wilmar Sugar achieve IT cost efficiency and flexibility

Company: Wilmar Sugar Australia Limited
Industry: Agriculture and Renewable Energy
Company size: 1,001-5,000 employees

The brief

The company was looking to implement a virtualisation solution to slash power and cooling costs, reduce the need for a pricey data centre migration and capitalise on higher availability and flexibility that comes with running virtual workloads. As part of this strategy, Wilmar required assistance in implementing a Nimble Storage Area Network and VMware cluster that was purchased. The implementation needed to include best practices from both VMware and Nimble Storage, while addressing IT infrastructure efficiency.

The solution

Blue Central designed an approach to configure and implement the Nimble Storage and VMware solution while complimenting Wilmar’s requirements and their timeframe for completion. Furthermore, Blue Central's technical resources became an extension of Wilmar’s team and worked with them to deliver the solution on time and on budget.

The outcome

As a result, the Blue Central team tapped into their knowledge of designing and delivering Nimble Storage and VMware solutions to ensure the implementation went smoothly and produced the expected benefits.

“Blue central was able to provide Wilmar Sugar with solid technical solutions and were flexible enough to meet project timelines to deliver on-time and on-budget IT solutions.”

Sidney Wong
IT Manager, Wilmar Sugar Australia Limited


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