vForum 2016: ‘Enabling the Workspace of Tomorrow’

In a world where digital transformation continues to create new opportunities and risks for every industry, getting first-hand information from leading IT professionals and subject matter experts like Blue Central can help in defining what your next steps should be.

At this year’s vForum, Blue Central was fortunate enough to be part of Rhipe’s Cloud Zone, speaking with attendees on what they thought the ‘Workspace of Tomorrow’ would look like and what their upcoming IT priorities are in getting their current environment ready for ‘tomorrow.’

The results?

Attendees believe that in the future, our workspace will be highly influenced by virtualisation and cloud technologies to create the flexibility we need to be able to get our job done from anywhere, using any device.

But what are they doing in the meantime to prepare their environments?

It seems that in the next 12-36 months, companies are focusing on building a secure IT environment that is scalable and flexible enough for varying workloads and user group behaviours:


  • 32% believe storage is the key to having faster and more reliable access to their data, taking top priority in the coming months
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  • 25% believe Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and virtualising their computing resources is the crucial next step in optimising their IT environment
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  • 11% believe Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) will allow them to remain ‘always-on’, crucial to maintaining an efficient organisation
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  • 8% have seen an immediate need for an accelerated and flexible computing environment, to allow staff to work remotely using any device, while still maintaining access to resources and rendering quality
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  • 6% have identified a Backup as a Service (BaaS) need within their organisation, as they believe that having that extra assurance that data will be available in case of a disaster is important
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