Case Study: Nimble Delivers Performance and Capacity to Riverview

Company: St Ignatius College, Riverview
Industry: Education
Company size: 201-500 employees


In early 2015, Brett Houghton, Head of Technology and Innovation, Saint Ignatius’ College, Riverview, realised the College’s five-year-old storage system was running at close to 85 per cent capacity. Replacement was rapidly becoming a matter of urgency. “Our storage needs had grown due to two main reasons,” Houghton explains. “One was because of increases in our virtual server infrastructure. The other was because of the amount of rich content that teachers and students now create.”


Set up and configure the Nimble Storage CS500 array with the Nimble InfoSight management portal, plus transfer ten virtual servers to the new storage with Riverview's support staff. Blue Central were to identify and address any issues, then Riverview's staff would take over and manage the conversion of the remaining 105 servers.


With more capacity, IT staff have been able to increase their services for users, expanding mail box sizes and server storage.

“We’ve also been on quite a rapid expansion, bringing on board a number of other systems that we’ve long wanted, but couldn’t previously deploy because of capacity constraints. For example, just last term, brought in three new, large administrative systems that will help the school to run more smoothly,” Houghton points out.

While the storage needs of the moment are more than met by Nimble, Houghton knows demand will continue to grow. To keep abreast of usage and changing trends, IT staff continually review the capacity and performance reports automatically generated by Nimble’s InfoSight support portal.

“A number of other schools in my contact network use Blue Central. They were highly recommended and it seemed clear they were more than capable of doing the work.”

Brett Houghton
Head of Technology and Innovation, Saint Ignatius College, Riverview


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