Blog: Scale-to-fit storage plus VDI – Maximising capacity, performance and accessibility

As data continues to grow with the importance of and new applications being delivered to support the business’ needs, matching storage requirements to application requirements has become a challenge.

And as the department continues to shrink and face the increasing pressure to deploy and deliver business applications, IT are required to place more attention on delivering business outcomes and less on supporting complicated and resource-heavy infrastructure.

Traditionally, storage solutions often forces you to choose between maximising capacity and optimising performance. Leading you to ask:

Why can’t I just scale capacity AND performance without it becoming disruptive and costing a fortune?

You can, with scale-to-fit storage.

What is scale-to-fit-storage?


“…scale-to-fit design enables customers to buy what they need, when they need it. Customers can scale storage capacity, performance, or both—affordably and seamlessly—with no planned downtime. There’s no need to rip and replace anything, no new silos to manage—just a seamless growth path that fully protects a customer’s existing storage investment and makes it easy to address changing storage requirements.”


What you could be experiencing with Scale-to-Fit Storage from Nimble Storage

Well, the scale-to-fit arrangement means that you can reconfigure as your storage needs change, providing your IT team with invaluable flexibility to scale capacity and performance.  Simply choose the disk shelf and IOPS and you need and away you go – all without worrying about it once its been configured or causing interruption to your business. It also allows IT to easily perform various operations without disruption and eliminates any storage silos.


What can Blue Central do in this area?

Blue Central specialises in shared storage solutions that accommodate your changing user demands, maximises the use of data storage capacity and significantly reduces the daily management of your storage environment – drastically reducing the cost associated with storage.

We partner with Nimble Storage to provide hybrid arrays for affordable performance and capacity in your environment, based to mee all your business requirements.

The joint solution provides:

  • Adaptive Performance: Flash-optimized performance adapts to boot storms and I/O spikes since the flash cache is populated dynamically
  • Cost Effective Capacity: Inline compression, high capacity disk, and zero copy cloning all deliver cost-effective capacity. Enable data reduction of 30-75% vs. competitors
  • Seamless Scaling: Easily scale without downtime as performance and capacity needs grow
  • Proven Reference Architectures: SmartStack reference architectures with Cisco, VMware, and Citrix enable fast and risk-free deployment of VDI

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