Announcement: Putting the Spotlight on Customer Experience

“Facilitate more meaningful customer interactions with a customised service”


As the IT industry changes and people’s expectations evolve it is important for us as a service provider to maintain an understanding of what is important to you and ensure we keep up.

Recently we reached out to you, our customers, asking for your honest feedback on what we do well, but more importantly where you thought we could improve.

We received an overwhelming amount of encouraging feedback. Knowing that you took the time to help us understand which areas we can improve on, the trends currently being experienced and how we can address them – it has been a great help.

So what are we going to do with all this information?


We are making YOU the priority

1. You will be seeing more of us and how we can further assist your business

We always value our customers, however, we could do more to be seen in front of our customers and better communicate how we can help them further.

To address this, we have changed our organisation structure so that it is much easier to get the assistance you need, when you need and by who you need it from.

You will now have a dedicated account director who will actively work with you to better understand your business through periodic touch points. Our account directors will also provide you with valued insight on the latest insights and technologies available to assist with your business challenges.


2. Streamlined and simple interactions with the business

We are constantly working towards streamlining our processes and implementing tools and systems that will allow us to respond to your requests much more effectively.

Through the introduction two brand new roles – Sales Support Officer and Services Delivery Manager, we have been able to streamline the sales process and assist our support team in increasing responsiveness.

What’s more, using ServiceNow, Blue Central is able to deliver a more efficient support experience where customers are able to have greater visibility into who has been allocated to their support ticket, progress in getting the issue solved and now receive automatic notifications telling them exactly what they need to know in an event something has occurred.


3. Greater visibility into the performance and utilisation of your systems

As a business, we understand you want to see the ROI on the services you have implemented and ensure we continue to serve your needs.

We have now introduced a new monitoring solution, Traverse by Kaseya to allow us to keep track and deliver more meaningful insights into the performance and utilisation of your systems, as well as recommend the most suitable solution.

On an agreed upon basis, our Service Delivery Manager will review and report on your services, providing insights and recommendations into what should be done next.

With these enhancements, Blue Central’s Managing Director, Peter Ikladios believes the company’s customer mantra can be fulfilled more effectively:

“In making these changes to the business, our customers can continue to feel that Blue Central can understand their IT environment and requirements to fulfil their needs both from a solutions perspective and in the support they require to continue to run their business as efficiently as possible.”


For more information on how these changes will enhance the service you receive from Blue Central, feel free to contact our team.


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