/Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

The way businesses operate is shifting as we transition into a 24/7 always-on workforce. Do you wish to create a flexible working environment for your team offering access to their workload anywhere, anytime?

Blue Central’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solution is not simply a virtual desktop, our talented team of experts create and deploy a solution that will allow your team to work on the go, creating new levels of efficiency for your business.


Benefits of Blue Central’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

  • Adaptive Performance: Flash-optimized performance adapts to boot storms and I/O spikes since the flash cache is populated dynamically
  • Cost Effective Capacity: Inline compression, high capacity disk, and zero copy cloning all deliver cost-effective capacity. Enable data reduction of 30-75% vs. competitors
  • Seamless Scaling: Easily scale without downtime as performance and capacity needs grow
  • Proven Reference Architectures: SmartStack reference architectures with Cisco, VMware, and Citrix enable fast and risk-free deployment of VDI


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