/GPU Grid

Delivering exceptional graphics performance with enhanced scalability, flexibility, ease of management and security, the Blue Central offering can be consumed as-a-Service or on-premise, depending on your requirements.

This means that on the one hand, Blue Central can manage the complete process, from installation to maintenance and upgrades. This option is commonly chosen to ensure optimal performance, efficiency and reduced complexity within the organisation.

It also provides the flexibility you need when you want to meet changing requirements quickly and effectively, while ensuring your data remains secure.

On the other hand, after setup, the environment can be owned and managed on-site if preferred.

Leading applications that can be supported include: Autodesk, AutoCAD, SOLIDWORKS, Trimble, Realworks, ADOBE and many others.


Benefits of Blue Central’s GPU Grid

  • Enhanced user experience: Accelerated virtual desktops, enhanced performance productivity and collaboration
  • Centralised IT Management: A single panel allowing you to allocate graphic resources as needed – making it much more simple to deploy and manage accelerated desktops.
  • Data protection: Keeping it secure, all while providing access to those who need it.

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