/End User Computing

In today’s most ideal computing environment, people want to remain connected so that they can take their work wherever they need to be. This involves giving users the freedom to choose their own device and giving them access to the applications and files they need to do their job. Smoothly operating these devices and ensuring you have compliance is essential to business productivity, as we are continually being faced with newer, smarter ways in getting the job done.

At Blue Central, everything we do is geared towards helping you gain this freedom while enabling you to maintain control over your desktop infrastructure and costs.


Blue Central’s EUC focuses on:

  • Supporting a managed transition to better end-user choices
  • Delivering a platform that embraces Windows and non-Windows based assets
  • Creating management processes designed to support business change, independent of infrastructure and user access
  • Using social and cloud computing trends to offer flexible work options
  • Providing practical escape routes from office-based PCs


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