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Access a team of skilled engineers and industry experts, ready to provide the support and specialist knowledge you need.

Customised IT and Procurement Services to suit your specific business requirements

Outsourcing IT Services provides you with access to industry experts who are focused on delivering business outcomes. We will supply the support you need when unexpected issues arise or during particularly busy periods. This reduces overtime costs and minimises unnecessary business disruption.


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Blue Central’s GPU Grid, built on NVIDIA’s GRID technology, integrates with leading virtualisation vendors such as Citrix and VMware, to allow you to virtualise applications and ensure increased productivity from your team.


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Blue Central successfully delivers better end user freedom without compromising IT control. We address your needs to simplify the technology components, manage more efficiently and better connect the workforce to technology and each other.


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The way businesses operate is shifting towards a 24/7 always-on workforce. Do you wish to create a flexible working environment for your team offering access to their workload anywhere, anytime?


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Our highly skilled engineers are available whenever you need them, providing extensive experience and specialist skills gathered from working across a large range of technical issues and industry sectors.


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