/Software as a Service

Your business relies on a large number of applications to run its operations but managing them is complex. You need to keep up to date with the latest versions, renew subscriptions and ensure compliance with licensing agreements.

Our application level monitoring reports on connectivity and performance levels, sending alerts so you’re always up to date. We also provide ongoing analysis to identify opportunities for change as your business evolves. If any issues arise, you’ll have access to on-call engineers for speedy fault resolution.

With Microsoft’s Office 365 you pay per user, so it’s scalable to your evolving business needs. Your dedicated support team will manage all application management services, which means this is one less thing for your internal IT team to worry about.


Benefits of Blue Central’s Software as a Service

  • Always have the latest version of applications
  • Stay up to date on connectivity and performance levels
  • Around the clock support for speedy fault resolution
  • Scalable solution based on a cost per user



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