/Disaster Recovery as a Service

Unforeseen problems can hurt any business. When disaster strikes, you need a strategy in place to get business back to normal. Now you can save time and cut costs by replicating your applications and data via backend storage. You can be confident your data is up to date with our disaster recovery services. They’re designed and tested annually to meet a recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO).

Disaster recovery removes the need to install complex software because your data is already in place, configured correctly and ready to go. You can choose which data to protect, or protect the whole environment if needed. No matter what you choose you’ll only be charged for the data and storage you want to replicate, not for the compute and network layers, so you won’t need to operate an expensive standby site.


Benefits of Blue Central’s Disaster Recovery as a Service

  • Get your business back up and running quickly
  • Services tested annually to meet RPO and RTO
  • Only pay for the data and storage you need to replicate
  • No need to operate an expensive standby site


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