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Make your data accessible on any device with a secure and reliable service. Now your staff can access emails, documents and other business information wherever, whenever and however it suits them. Desktop as a service allows you to reduce infrastructure costs and be more flexible, so that each staff member can use their own device, no matter what operating system or model they use. As a session-based solution, all information and documents will be backed up immediately, reducing the risk of losing crucial business data.

For situations where you need extra temporary staff but don’t have the resources for new technology, our solutions will help to keep your business agile and productive. We’ll design, set up and manage a customised service based on the specific needs of your business.


Benefits of Blue Central’s Desktop as a Service

  • Staff can access their work anytime and anywhere
  • Increased business flexibility and reduced costs
  • Minimised risk of losing important information
  • Customised service based on your specific needs


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