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Provide the flexibility you need to meet changing requirements quickly and effectively, while ensuring your data is always secure and available

Need to maximise data availability, guarantee IT performance and make sure your information is protected from external factors? If you want to secure data and business transactions on your own dedicated hardware, providing isolated and predictable service, Private Cloud is right for your business.


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Whether you’re updating, upgrading or extending your infrastructure, a combination of private and public cloud offerings will meet your requirements. Hybrid Cloud gives you the flexibility to mix and match, tailoring a solution specifically to the needs of your organisation using enterprise-class technologies.


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Your business relies on a wide range of applications to run its operations. As an authorised reseller of industry-leading business applications, we will monitor and manage any of your applications with 24/7 support, application-level monitoring and proactive maintenance schedules designed to meet your needs.


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Minimise the impact of an IT failure on your business operations and reputation. Our backup services mean you can get business up and running again quickly, with minimal data loss and downtime. Flexible charging means you’ll only pay for the data you’re protecting no matter how many times it’s backed up.


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Save time and money by replicating your applications and data via backend storage, removing the need to install complex software or change IP address. You’ll only be charged for the data and storage you require to replicate, not for the computer and network layers, so you don’t need to pay for a standby site.


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Take advantage of secure and reliable hosting of web-based applications including customer relationship management and e-commerce software. Ideal when you’re moving apps to the internet or implementing new software. They’ll be managed on public cloud by our experts and you’ll only pay for what you use.


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Make data accessible on any device with a secure and reliable Virtual Desktop service. Now your teams can access emails, documents and other business information wherever, whenever and however it suits them. We’ll design, set up and manage a customised service to improve business agility and productivity.


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Moving to cloud services has clear benefits but can be costly and time consuming. Designing a detailed migration plan will outline everything you need to know about making a smooth transition. We will minimise risk and business disruption by testing a proven suite of technologies before making the move.


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Remove the pain of managing and maintaining your infrastructure with a managed service including built-in fault resolution, security and compliance requirements. You’ll have 24/7 access to a dedicated support team, the latest technologies and industry best practices tailored to your specific business requirements.


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