Blog: The power of GPU in accelerating enterprise applications

Building virtual desktop environments that support graphics-intensive applications is challenging, particularly if your users’ work depends on being able to quickly, and effectively view and mark up material.To add to the complexity, with the emergence of BYOD and the demise of the traditional office, employees are now connected 24/7 and also require that they be able to perform their role from anywhere, anytime and from any device.

Now imagine your team.

Some may work in the office, other may be onsite and sometimes you may bring in contractors for a particular project.

Often, much of the work depends on the completion of tasks whether from on-site or from those working remotely. Waiting to get to the office to finish off some work or lugging around a big workstation should not be the only option, especially if updates need to be done in real-time, without sacrificing quality.


Introducing workstation virtualisation with GPU

Workstation virtualisation is an extension to a mature set of server and desktop technology that host user desktop environments on remote servers. And with advancements in GPU virtualisation, workstation virtualisation has become a cost-effective reality for graphics-intensive users.By allowing multiple virtual machines to access the power of a single GPU within the server, companies can now maximise the number of users with true GPU capability in their virtual machines.

Because each GPU within a server can be configured with a specific vGPU profile, companies can now have a great deal of flexibility now how to best configure their server to meet the needs of various types of end-users.


Some of the benefits you could be experiencing

While the flexibility and power of vGPU system implementations provide improved end-user experience and productivity benefits, they also provide service administrators with direct control of GPU service allocation for multiple users. Administrators can balance user density and performance, maintaining high GPU performance for all users.And those end-user and productivity benefits?

Well, it goes a little like this:

  • Add graphics-intensive users to your virtual solutions
  • Improved productivity and mobility
  • Enhanced data and IP security
  • Access to all critical applications, including those that are 3D-intensive
  • Highly responsive, rich multimedia experiences
  • Access from anywhere, at any time from any device

And just like that your virtual desktop environment can Support your most graphics-intensive applications!


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