Blog: End user computing (EUC) – What is it? The problems it solves and the benefits it brings

Today, traditional computing and technology lock-ins can limit the technology, innovation and flexibility needed to enhance user experience.And with the increasing use of tablets, smart devices and BYOD, this has led to a more distributed workforce.

The issue with this is that a more flexible, standardised, localised processes and collaborative platforms are created to better connect people to technology and each other.


What does EUC involve? Why do we need it?

Today, many users are using multiple computing devices – all containing different capabilities, operating systems and security requirements.

What’s more, users now expect to work and consume applications in the corporate world much like they do in the consumer world. A common concern users have voiced is “I can download an app from the app store quicker than IT can do it. Why is it so slow?” And with these users wanting to bring their own device into the workplace, IT has become a bottleneck, unable to keep up with the users’ demands and requirements.

This can change using EUC.

EUC consists of a combination of methods and technologies aimed at better integrating end-users with their computing environment.

By focusing on EUC, organisations can provide their end users with access to the toolsets they need to perform their role from anywhere at any time, all while simplifying self-provisioning through remote management.


Mobility and BYOD – Key drivers and assumptions

EUC involves helping your users gain freedom while enabling you to maintain control over your desktop infrastructure and the costs involved.By enabling a BYOD program, or taking a hybrid approach, enterprises are now allowing employees to access corporate resources from anywhere, increasing productivity and driving employee satisfaction.

What’s driving this type of program?

  • Users are starting to bring in more than one Mobile/WAN device
  • Mobile devices have become an extension of our personality
  • Users will change devices more frequently than in the past
  • Users will want to access more than email on their devices
  • Majority of new network devices will have no wired ports
  • Guest access with accountability has become a business requirement
  • Finance sees cost savings / productivity in subsidizing personal devices

Securing employee-owned devices and supporting different mobile platforms, however, can create complex issues for IT departments.

You can also assume that:

  • Users will have 3 or more devices (laptop, tablet, phone)
  • Users will expect wireless to become as predictable as the wired network
  • Users will expect to on-board any mobile device they want
  • It will have to supply security policies to every user device
  • Guess access must be isolated and accountable for at all times
  • Access to any device that does not move (printer, smart board, telepresence)

What the success story looks like, using VMware Horizon

It’s all about visibility, control and choice.With VMware Horizon, end-users have access to all the applications they need through a single workspace. This is a particularly cost-effective solution to supporting end-users with the applications they need, whether they need just a handful or a whole heap, depending on their role.

IT can also provide end-users with the freedom to request applications and desktop. So if you have end-users and administrators in various locations, you can now have the ability to give them the freedom they need to use their applications on their desired device without losing control.

Organisations can also take advantage of unified policy management for all users and devices, instilling company policies across the organisation without users having to be restricted to their PC or work laptop.

In essence, VMware Horizon provides operational and economic balance between security and simplicity. It cost-effectively allows end-users to work anywhere, anytime using any device, whilst still having the security and policies in place for IT to still control the IT environment.


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