Blog: The 3 tactics used to innovate and really stand out

Organisations are feeling the pressure to become more competitive in their industry – especially during times of financial strain.
As competition heats up, organisations need to find new ways to innovate while retaining savings in the long run.

How can this be achieved?

The answer is in your employees, technology and creating a structure that allows them to work together.


1. Look at things from another angle and empower your employees

Create a culture of innovation in your organisation. Don’t get stuck in the “if it has worked so far, why change?” mentality.
How can you be truly innovative if you don’t make any changes?

You will surely be left behind.

Part of this involves encouraging employees to voice their ideas. An employee who has the freedom to voice their opinion is also one who is more likely to be invested in their role and organisation.


And through training and development, these employees will be able to use their deep problem-solving skills and creativity to increase their performance. These employees are going to be the ones who will help innovative the organisation with their ideas.
The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.

Apple’s 1997 ‘Think Different’ commercial


2. Become a responsive organisation through investment in technology and the increasing access of information

Ever heard of the following saying?
You gotta spend some money to make money
Well that’s particularly true when an organisation wants to become more competitive.
All around you, your competitors are spending big to improve their organisation and be as profitable as they can.

What changes are you making?

Now keep in mind, you are not required to spend the “big bucks”, you just have to make certain changes that will allow you to compete more effectively.

Now think for a second, if you don’t have the necessary tools and systems to streamline operations and perform as efficient as possible, how else can you remain profitable and compete effectively in your market?

You can’t.

Most likely, your competitors already have the necessities to both operate efficiently and cost effectively.

Now, while innovation requires some sort of investment in technology, if implemented right, the right solutions more often and not creates an ROI that can easily pay off your investment.

Apart from making an organisation much more efficient, the right technology will also play a huge part in making the right information be available to the right people whenever it’s needed – which is a key requirement in becoming innovative.


Information is the jet fuel of innovation, and it is about providing information and making sure it’s in the hands of the people who need it. It is extremely difficult to do innovation well with bad information or no information, so IT is critically important.

The Secrets of IT innovation – CIO


3. Put some structure around creating this innovative organisation

A baseball team can buy a lot of highly skilled players and put them on the field but unless the coach gets them to work together, the season will be a disaster. (Five tips for innovation – Forbes)
Just like a baseball team, the innovative organisation needs a guide or strategist to make all elements of innovation work together – from leadership to employees to systems and creativity.
The innovative organisation will have systems that seamlessly work together, with employees that have access to the information they require to voice their ideas and leaders who embrace an environment of constant change and improvement.

Only then can the organisation begin to innovate and in result compete more effectively in the market.


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